CLEARsmile’s Dr. Reizenson Featured as Medical Technology Expert in Recent Blog Post

CLEARsmile’s Dr. Igor Reizenson was recently featured in a Pannam Imaging blog post about the challenges that MedTech companies face when growing. Dr. Reizenson was one of 13 experts featured in the blog post and specifically discusses the challenges surrounding fundraising:

“The big financial hump is moving from the alpha prototype stage to the beta prototype, where most people get stuck in the process. At this point, the inventor needs to be meeting with venture capital and angel investors. The cost of developing a beta prototype is high, ranging from one hundred thousand dollars up to one million. The beta prototype is a nearly complete product that needs FDA approval along with user testing and feedback from a small group of potential customers.”

CLEARsmile is in good company in this blog post, featured alongside other medical technology companies like Breakthrough Medical Innovations, TrueVault, Accel Spine, and more.

To read the full article, click here.

Dr. Reizenson, the founder of Clearsmile, has been in dentistry for over ten years and has worked with many sick and elderly patients as well as very young children. Both types of patients have dexterity problems. Years ago, he encountered elderly, bed-ridden patients while doing his residency program at the Veterans Hospital of Western New York. Dr. Reizenson was greatly saddened to observe the lack of attention to oral health care in this fragile group. It was impossible for staff to continually brush and floss this group of patients in a proper and effective manner. Some patients could hardly sit up, some could barely open their mouths. This was what sparked the thought: “Why isn't here a machine that can effectively clean our mouths while being small, easy to physically handle and be easy to use?” Once this need struck Dr. Reizenson, he began to imagine this ideal oral hygiene device.

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Dr. Reizenson of CLEARsmile was recently featured as one of 13 medical device and technology experts, discussing the #1 challenge that MedTech companies face when scaling.

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